High X Performance
Dual polarised 

The High X Performance, dual polarised antennas are designed for use in PDH and SDH radio relay systems when frequency plans and system design require antennas with high XPD, low side lobes and high front-to-back ratio.

Great care is taken in design to achieve optimal electrical and mechanical performance.

The increased antenna gain combined with 36 dB on-axis cross polarisation makes the HXP antennas the ideal all-purpose antenna for systems with capacities up to STM-1.



A parabolic aluminium reflector with a shield for sidelobe suppression. The outer surface is spray painted. A hot dip galvanised steel antenna mount.

A low VSWR antenna feed.
The feed horn is sealed for ressurisation. A smooth continuous polarisation adjustment may be performed.

A radome for environmental protection.


The electrical specifications are given in the Radiation Pattern Envelope for each type of antenna. This specification is a maximum curve, which is derived from actual measurements.

A three dimensional chart specify the cross-polarisation performance close to the main lobe of the antenna. The off-axis cross-polar sidelobes are given in the individual RPE.

Tabulated values of the main characteristics are given for all frequency bands and diameters.


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