ARTA is synonym of performance and reliability!        

Timing is critical in Telecom and Defence industries. We design our products so that our customers only have to concentrate on getting their job done!

ARTA's Microwave Antennas
ARTA offers a wide range of high quality products matching the demands of our clients.
Most antennas are available in normal, heavy and arctic duty versions:

Normal duty antennas are designed to operate under climatic conditions prevailing in most parts of the world. The antennas will survive 55 m/s wind together with 25 mm ice

Heavy duty antennas are designed to withstand the most severe climatic conditions, with heavy wind and ice. The antennas will survive 70 m/s wind together with 25 mm ice.

Arctic duty antennas are built to withstand the onslaught of arctic storms and the ice loading common in areas like the mountains of winter Norway. The antennas will survive 83 m/s wind together with 25 mm ice. Some of the electrical specifications might be reduced.

ARTA's antenna products are selected by the Norwegian and the Swedish Armed Forces as the preferred supplier.