About ARTA          




Riding on the heels of our success with Nera Networks we will continuously work to create market-leading antennas based on innovative technologies
 with the highest capacity and mechanical solid design.

ARTA was established in February 2006 as a MBO from Nera Networks. A2G acquired Arta in December 2012, and the name was changed to A2G Arta. Arctic Antenna accuired A2G-Arta in May 2013, and will operate under ARTA as brand name

ARTA's aim is to bring together the best state-of-art antennas and wave guides from around the world.


The company has its main office in Bergen (Norway)  with 21 employees with many years experience in R&D and manufacturing of quality microwave antennas (ETSI EN 301126-3-1) and waveguide components.


Our customers include defence, telecom equipment providers, service operators and industrial manufactures. 


Over the last 50 years our products have been exported all over the world!