Straight Sections                           

ARTA offers a wide range of Stright WG. A selection of these are listen below. If you need a WG that is not listen in the table below, please do not hesitate to contact us. Use the code key to complete the ordering code by inserting the required flange instead for "YYR". Insert requiered lenght instead of "III". Insert required material instead of "Ma". 


Available Standard flanges PDR PBR UER        
Available flanges * UBR CBR          
Standard length (III) ** 100 250 500 1000 1500 2000 3000
Standard Material *** Cu1 Al          
Available Material CuZN37 Cu          

*   Other flanges available on request
      Use code key to specify different flanges on same component.
**  Customer specified length available.
***Standard material which is normally in our stock.

Code example:
ST-PDR70-1000-Cu1  1000 mm PDR70 straight WG in CuZn10
ST-PDR70-UER70-1000Cu 1000 mm straight WG in Copper with PDR70 in
one end and UER70 in other end

WG Field Cut

Under installation it is often necessary to make WG with a given specified length. In order to solve this problem ARTA offers a field Cutting kit. This kit contains a straight 1, WG with flanges and 2 extra flanges. The WG is cut in the required length and thereafter a flange is soldered to the WG. The kit gives to field cut WG. A work procedures is included. Equipment for soldering and cutting the WG is included.

Available standar flanges PDR PBR UER
Standard Material Cu1    

*Other flanges available on request

Code example:
FC-PDR70 1000 mm PDR70 straight WG with extra dield cut flanges

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